1 Europallet   –   Max. 500 KG

Max. 3 Europallets   –   Max. 1100 KG

Max. 5 Europallets   – Max. 1100 KG

Max. 8 Europallets   – Max. 1000 KG

Max. 10 Europallets   – Max. 3150 KG

Max. 19 Europallets   – Max. 9000 KG

Max. 33 Europallets   – Max. 22500 KG

Courier Services

Do you still have a shipment that needs to be delivered today? Our courier service provides shipments that must be loaded and delivered the same day. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you. Thanks to our own fleet and a large database of carefully selected national and international couriers, we offer a solution for every time critical transport. Topspeed takes care of your urgent shipment with great care and attention and we always respect agreements. Within the Netherlands we can mostly reach the requested loading address within 30 minutes and internationally we can also offer a quick solution.

All our drivers are in possession of an “air freight agent” certificate for all your deliveries to airports in Europe. There are also many drivers in possession of an ACN pass for access at Schiphol Airport.

Of course, Topspeed always provides clear pro-active communication and after delivery you always receive a POD (Proof of Delivery).

The smart solutions from Topspeed can save time and money!

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