Dedicated Transport

The Topspeed fleet is ideal for customized national and international transport. With a bus or truck selected by you that operates exclusively for you, with guaranteed loading and delivery times.

Topspeed is a specialist in providing “dedicated” emergency transport. This means that we drive from A to B with only your shipments on board, without any additional transshipment. This is not only the fastest way, but also the safest way of transporting. The chance of damage or items going is nil during this transport.

Our fleet is always available for you as a client. The drivers may look like one of your employees, but he/she remains an employee of Topspeed.
Together with you, a close collaboration is set up that brings in everyone’s specialism.

Why dedicated transport at Topspeed?

  • No dedicated fleet required
  • If you wish, employees can be dressed in your own corporate identity
  • Your company name or logo can be named exclusively on the vans or trucks
  • Topspeed responds to your flexible logistics needs

Logistical issues can sometimes be very difficult. For example, the flow of goods can vary a lot and rush orders can come in unexpectedly. Dedicated transport could be what your organization needs and Topspeed is your reliable partner with extensive experience.

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